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Max and Lynn on the road


Drawings and texts from an archaeological excavation in Moldova.

Max and Lynn on the road


Book design of Arno Schmidt's Novel »Die Gelehr­ten­republik«.

Max and Lynn on the road


Graphic recording for a lecture series.

Max and Lynn on the road

» MAX & LYNN «

Max Frisch's »Montauk« reimagined as a graphic novel.

Picture of an inlay of the magazine Antike Welt


Drawings from an archaeology colloquium in Kiel.

A Calendar Hanging in a dusty workshop


A riso-printed calendar, depicting my brothers small workshop.

Image of a sketchbook, an ashtray and an empty cup of coffee.

» BLOG «

Collection of small and spontaneous personal projects I want to share.

weird red figures flying around the Muthesius Art School Campus

» 3018 «

Set of 24 threedimensional letters, becaus type won't be 2D forever.

Some pixel images of different mundane objects from art school


Iconset for a DIY line of merch for the art school I study at.

Some pixel Icons looking like they're straight from the 90ies


Iconset for a minisite that was supposed to look like a 90ies operating system.

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