Hi there 👋, welcome to my portfolio website. Before I let you roam and explore I'd like to highlight a few projects that I deem crucial to my application as an Erasmus Student at Vilnius Academy of Arts for spring 2021:
   The first project I want you to explore are these sibling zines I produced last summer. The drawings are taken from an array of sketchbooks I filled while on a research trip for a graphic novel in Ecuador. I think they showcase both my fascination with observational drawing and with the gamut of weird typography in the urban space. Developing, producing, publishing and also collecting zines is something I enjoy a lot. With this set I had the pleasure to sell a few and to trade most of them for the creations of friends and fellow students.
Zine filled with drawings I made in Ecuador in early 2020.
Zine depicting the type on busses in Ecuador.
   As I mention above I do enjoy looking at and working with typography a lot. Last winter, Leo Sell and I volunteered to work on the design of our art school's annual summer exhibition Einblick/Ausblick. When the first lockdown hit, we had to rethink the exhibition's concept and an amazing team around Neele Marie Denker and Paula Koch managed to pull off an exhibition that had become an art festival all over town. Leo and I came up with a poster design and provided graphics for everything from a town map to beer labels. After the exhibition we focussed on designing and typesetting the annual catalogue which was then published in late October. With close to 900 pages it certainly became much more than what we were expecting at first: Alongside two photo series depicting the the exhibition retrospectively the catalogue features close to 300 student's works from the last few semesters, accompanied by descriptions in both English and German. The catalogue's cover picks up the exhibition posters visual and material (blueback poster paper).

You can also check out the website that accompanied the exhibion. It was built by Benjamin Unterluggauer, Maren Zünkler, Sören Herber and Joscha Brüning.
j www.einblickausblick.de
Catalogue design following the annual exhibition of Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design.
   The last project I’d like you to have a look at before exploring the other bits of my website is my Bachelor’s Project. It is a short graphic novel about a little boy who is living somewhere close to an ocean that might be the Baltic Sea. His father is struggling to answer the boy’s increasingly large questions.
The book is based on a screenplay by Robert Köhler and Andreas Cordes. I think it showcases my ability to develop and follow through with a graphic novel, starting with reading the material, developing characters and a color palette, sketching and planning pages, producing drawings and putting it all together into a coherent book design.
  In spring 2020 the comic was published by Berlin based Jaja-Verlag.
Graphic novel about a boy, his father, the ocean and big questions.
That's it with the projects I wanted to highlight. Feel free to checkout the other works I have up on this page by going to the front page:
j www.jonas-fischer.design
In case you want to read my motivation letter again – which explains, why I, as a Communication Design student want to take classes in Graphic Art – you can do so here:
j Motivation Letter
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