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To whom it may concern:

Why do I want to study abroad in Vilnius and why Graphic Art?
  I live and study in the city of Kiel, Germany, right on the coast of the Baltic Sea. There even is a ferry connecting Kiel to Klaipėda and yet, Lithuania and its neighboring countries feel like distant relatives that you know of but have never met. With this application I am trying to change that and Vilnius Academy of Arts feels like just the right fit in terms of both city and curriculum. At the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, I am studying Communication Design. The minors that I have chosen have allowed me to get to know the more technical side of graphic design and to also explore its more artistic and free aspects. Thus far I have had a colorful and interdisciplinary curriculum by majoring in Illustration and taking classes and doing other projects within Communication Design. Friendships with students from the Industrial Design majors have enabled me to join some of their excursions, get to know their discourse and gain a bit of a perspective on their ways of approaching design.
  Recently I have been working on more applied and practical projects, such as the graphic novel »Boje«, my Bachelor’s project, which was published earlier this year, followed by the graphic identity for Muthesius’s annual summer exhibition »Einblick/Ausblick« and the ensuing catalogue and finally the ongoing graphic novel project »Toxicó« with cultural anthropologist Dr. Amelia Fiske. I enjoy watching my work materialize beyond the conceptual state and speaking to different publics. Looking forward, I believe that spending time in Vilnius and taking classes in Graphic Art will allow me to develop projects that are more self-sufficient, explorative and not necessarily an end-product. I think that especially the »Calligraphic Project« and »Conceptual Printmaking« offerings in the spring term of 2021 would be an excellent way to build upon my existing skills and gain new insights and expertise in my studies.

Calligraphic Project
  I have worked extensively with typography in the framework of classical book design and have had the opportunity to gain some experimental and some more hands-on experiences in the typeface design classes of Albert-Jan Pool. I am intrigued by the idea of approaching letters and type from a calligraphic and handmade starting point, because I think it will allow for me to go to the origin of type and letters and to venture beyond the principles I’ve learned in the above my mentioned classes at Muthesius.

Conceptual Printmaking
  At Muthesius we have two print shops: One with the the large offset printers for producing larger print runs of brochures, catalogues and posters. I have never operated those machines but over the years I’ve become proficient in setting up files for print, working with the technicians and handling the smaller bookbinding machines and tools. The other shop – let’s call it the analogue print shop – is something I have not yet had the chance to work in. I am drawn to the printing classes in Vilnius and see this as an opportunity to delve into the techniques and notions of printmaking and learn my ways around the analogue workshop.
  Spending a term in Lithuania is not only an opportunity to explore a city and a region that I am as of yet unfamiliar with, but also to explore aspects of graphics and art that will provide an important complement to my ongoing work at Muthesius.
  Also I’d like to add that I am obviously aware of the overall Covid-19 situation and the risks and uncertainties that it poses. Yet I hope that studying abroad in Vilnius will not only be possible but also a great experience for me.

Kind regards,
Jonas Fischer
Kiel, November 2020
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