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weird red figures flying around the Muthesius Art School Campus

In the future letters are going to be threedimensional, I'm sure we can all agree that this fact is beyong dispute. Right? The swift developement of VR & AR technologies won't spare type. Sooner or later the space around us will be inhabitet by loads of tiny to huge letters. The only thing that's left for us to ponder about is the appearence of said floating letters. Well, I took it onto myself to come up with a set of 24 different geometric entities that could serve as some sort of 3D type. They originated from me playing around with 3D ligatures of regular sans serif letters. The sketches soon became increasingly abstract until I ended up with a set of basic shapes that I could then combine into the 24 final structures.

The letter's meanings and syntax are yet to be unraveld. Right now they just serve as some sort of vision of what the future might look like.

This project emerged from the type design class that is led by the magnificient Albert-Jan Pool at Muthesius School of Fine Art and Design.

TLDR: This is how I think type will look in the future. Yes of course it'll be threedimensional. Duh.

24 isometric drawings of various entities consisting of lines, curves and dots that all have the same width.
Another image of 3D letters floating around muthesius art school.

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